December 15, 2004


yeah, I've been slacking off here. Everything is going as well as it can be at the moment. One good thing is the weather- it's mid December and I found myself hot today wearing windbreaker, heh. I had a good time in Sha Tin which is in the new territories, visiting my coworker and her family. We had dim sum which was great. I even tried eating a chicken foot! It had a strange texture for sure and not much taste to it. If someone offers me another to eat I'll take it to be polite but it's not something I really want to eat again.
I had to call the HK Department of Education and while I was on hold, they played video game sounds muzak, hehe. It seems that the HK Dept of Education and Manpower (official name) doesn't offer any assistance to parents, they leave that up to social agencies. I was inquiring about parenting workshops since a teacher said parents have come up to them, complaining their kids are hitting them at home and expect the teacher to talk to the kids about that.
I'm supposed to be going bicycling this Sunday with the coworker that lives in Sha Tin. This makes me happy as I really missed being on a bicycle. I think part of my blahness is because I haven't been riding.

Posted by Christine at December 15, 2004 07:04 PM

Like that one video game music stream I found? That rocks!

Posted by: Fozzie at December 26, 2004 11:49 AM