December 15, 2004

American nutrition?

american nutrition.JPG

heh, it struck me as odd to see these 2 words together as the name of a health food store on HK isle ;-)

Posted by Christine at December 15, 2004 07:29 PM

American Nutrition?

HEEHEEHEEEHEEHEE. I love it! What do they sell?

Is it just like Marks and Spencers is in the rest of Europe -- just a place for ex-pats to buy familiar things that they get to missing?

Posted by: monstre at December 16, 2004 11:19 AM

There are loads of Marks and Spencers here in HK malls, which serve the same purpose here.
But this American Nutrition store sells vitamins and health suppliments, like GNC. It is in an area with a heavy concentration of expats who are probably too scared to venture into the Chinese health food stores ;-)

Posted by: Christine at December 16, 2004 06:15 PM