December 08, 2004

things are looking up

The kids are still really into my lessons which makes me very happy. The toughest class (management wise) in my first days is now my favourite class to work with.
I had to talk with the bro in law this afternoon so I missed one of my classes to teach but when I got back, I asked the teacher if I could teach another period later that day. She said yes and told me that the kids love my class and were sad when I didn't come when I was supposed to.

I've been getting along very well with the teachers. I started to eat lunch with them and while I don't understand most of what they are saying, it seems to have made them feel more comfortable with me. Two of the teachers have started to teach me some Cantonese and asked me some questions about English. One of them invited me to her home on Sunday and she lives in Sha Tin which is a part of the New Territories. I'm looking forward to it as I can explore a new part of HK and also be in a HK home :-)

She showed me the books she is using to learn English and to me, the books seemed very dry and boring. I told her I thought the most effective and most fun way to learn a new language is by using it in conversations and she agreed.
So it'll be nice for us to get to know one another while we both learn new languages :-) She is an older woman, married with children, but we share a similar sense of humour and teaching style. And I am interested to hear about her life as I'm sure it is quite different from mine.

Some of my kids have even started to joke around with me in English. Sure, it is basic level jokes such as saying with giggles "see you tomorrow, bye bye" 2 minutes after I enter the classroom or "Good morning cat" instead of "Good morning teacher" but considering when I first got there they parroted everything I said, it shows they are beginning to be able to think in English which makes me feel very good and even more rewarded.

Posted by Christine at December 8, 2004 09:54 PM

I am glad to hear that your students are responding. Little breakthroughs can mean the world. Thank you for continuing to write.

Posted by: Jessica at December 9, 2004 12:11 AM