December 04, 2005

surfing hoop.jpg

it's supposed to be a surfboard but to me, it looks more like a hula hoop :-)

The next few pics were taken today on the way to Waimoku Falls, which is part of the rain forest that occupies the windward slopes of Haleakala volcano. It is on the other side of the volcano from where I live and the road we took to get back has about 600 curves! I uploaded some pics from the car taken while we were driving which are not the best quality but hopefully you'll get the idea of how beautiful a drive it is :-)

I've closed all comments sections due to spammers and I think most of you seeing these photos know how to get a hold of me anyway if not... just add teacher to my first name (which is the name of the website) and then @ :-)

Posted by Christine at December 4, 2005 12:26 PM