July 03, 2005

what I like about Shenzhen


Posted by Christine at July 3, 2005 08:00 PM

Found your site as I was searching for address information regarding Beijing University, and have enjoyed the photos. I see you were treated in the University Hospital, and hope all is well with you.
If you get this, and can assist, please contact me via email " john.mchugh@agfa.com ". Thanks.
I am trying to figure out the proper mail address for my son, John Murphy McHugh, a summer program student, taking a Chinese Language course there.
I know his building number on the campus is 8230, and his 'extension' if not room number is 2775.
I was able to find a University address online:

Beijing Liuxue Shijie Guangchang
No 3-1 Zhi Xin Xi Road
Haidian District
Beijing 100083

How do I address a package so it gets to the building, and to the proper person in the building with the information I have today?
Murphy will celebrate his 21st birthday on July 26, 2005 and we were hoping to surprise him via the mail.
Thank you.
John McHugh Jr.
1331 Harvard Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
EM: John.McHugh@Agfa.com
VM: 800-540-2432 x8097 (US)

Posted by: John McHugh at July 17, 2005 11:42 PM