March 05, 2005

Stanley beach


as you can see, the sand here is quite coarse. This is the first HK beach I've been to so maybe other ones have finer sand. I found lots of cool seashells and weathered rocks. I also saw a little hermit crab in the water :-) I took these as good signs to wet my hand in the water and taste the water a little. It was really salty but the sea water smell was much milder then I've ever smelled before. As the coldest it's been here was like 2 days of 6 C around New Years Eve, the water wasn't frigid but still a lot colder than I would like ;-) The air temp was about 15 C when I visited, this is in mid-Feb. No one was in the water while I was there. People bundle up here for 8 -15 C days, not with a scarf covering their nose kind of bundling but still wearing heavy jackets, gloves and hats. I should add that when the temp hits the Celsius teens but it is sunny- people are less bundled. I also wear my hooded Chicago winter jacket here with mittens when it is overcast and the temp is below 13C or so. I still preceive this (relatively) mild winter as cold but it amuses me because I know people back home would feel this is T-shirt winter. I consider warm to be about 25-28 C so I guess I am more at home in the semi tropics than I am in NYC/Chicago/Toronto.

Posted by Christine at March 5, 2005 12:38 AM