February 08, 2005

my cut flowers


These are the flowers I picked up at the market- only about 6 USD for all of them. That's cheap even by HK standards- usually one stemful of lilies costs like $8 USD.
The open lily flowers are the largest I've seen- practically the size of my face and are quite fragrant.

Here is something I read in a HK newspaper about Lunar New Year traditions:

taboos concerning LNY:
-clear all debts by Lunar New Year. Don't lend on the big day or you'll continue to do so all year.
-don't talk about the previous year: a New Year is a new beginning- so don't look back
-Don't eat fresh bean curd or tofu, white symbolizes death and ill fortune
-The words of the first person you meet will determine your luck for the rest of that year.
-Don't greet anyone in his or her bedroom, it's unlucky
-Don't use knives or scissors in New Year's Day- it's bad luck.
-no cleaning (as you can wash away good luck) or crying (cause tradtion says you will cry all year) on Lunar New Year.

home decorating tips:
- happy, poetic couplets with black or gold ink on red paper to go on walls.
- fresh flowers, such as pussy willow, azalea, peony, water lily or narcissus, as a symbol or revival and growth
-oranges and tangerines with leaves, which represent joy. The leaves symbolize a secure relationship: an extra leaf means newlyweds will have many children
-candy tray with 8 varieties of dried fruit: peanuts for longevity, candied melon for wellbeing, lychee nuts for a good family relationship, kumquats for wealth, coconut for togetherness, red melon seeds for bliss and honesty, longans for many good sons, lotus seed for lots of children.

Posted by Christine at February 8, 2005 09:50 PM