January 22, 2005

impromptu jam


okay, this is from my day of biking in Sha Tin... yeah I am that far behind in posting pics, in case any of you recall how long ago that mini trip was ;-)
I did go a little out of sequence and posted some NYE pics in Sha Tin which follow this entry (the nighttime pics) but anyway, I am digressing...

earlier in the day, this area was fairly empty of people. I return 3 hours later to return the bicycle and now it is filled with people. Chinese musicians were underneath the bridge playing tunes and lots of old people were standing around singing and cheering. Other people were sitting around, reading a paper or playing mahjong. I like how the old people are so social together and hang out in the parks all the time. Kind of reminds me of the old Italian shuffleboard and bocce players in Juniper Valley Park.

Posted by Christine at January 22, 2005 06:28 PM