January 22, 2005


Guilin is a city in Guangxi Province, mainland China. It is where I will be spending next week. I need to leave Hong Kong to get my visitor visa extended, until all the work visa stuff gets sorted out. So my boss said he'd pay for me to take a trip to China. I'm limited to where I can go because he didn't give me too much money nor can I be away for that long. So I am limited to Southern China. I didn't want to go to Guangzhou because I've heard it's not so safe there and it's a big city. It's probably a lot like where I work since most of the people around there are from Guangzhou.
Guilin is a small city and very touristy but it does have a lot of natural beauty and it's further northwest than Guangzhou. It'll take me about 10-11 hours by bus from Shenzhen (45 min train ride from Kowloon) as opposed to a 3 hour bus ride to Guangzhou but I think it'll be worth it.
I still have about 100 HK pics to upload. And then I am sure I'll be taking tons of pics in Guilin. I guess tonight I'll upload more HK pics.
I posted my address sometime in January so just scroll through the entries if you need it. I don't have the time to email it to everyone that asks, sorry. I think scrolling only lets you go back about 20 entries so just click on January archives to see the earlier January posts.

Posted by Christine at January 22, 2005 12:52 PM