January 05, 2005

Happy New Year

I know, I suck as I haven't updated in ages. For the past 10 days or so, it's been too cold (like 10 C) in my place so my fingers were too numb to type much. As most places here, I have no indoor heater but I did break down and get a space heater. The cold snap of 8-12 C has ended so it's not too bad now. But I've been busy working out at the gym, which has been great for me. My mood has improved a lot now that I am getting some exercise. The air and traffic is too poor in quality here for me to ride a bicycle or jog. In the New Territories, it is okay but where I live in Kowloon is one of the most densely populated areas and very close to the business center of HK.
Also, I had to do a lot of thinking and on the first I emailed a letter to my bosses saying I am heavily considering resigning and I outlined why. I don't feel like getting all into it here, esp trying to type the complicated story. Today, I finally hear back from the boss and he said he'll reply later when he's had a chance to think about it. At work today, I found out some stuff which doesn't look good for the bosses' integrity so I feel even better about my decision. We'll see what happens, I hope everyone wishes good luck for me :-)
I got a cold today and I took some Chinese herbal medicine for it and I feel a lot better :-)

Posted by Christine at January 5, 2005 09:38 PM