December 16, 2004

my building's laundry room

laundry room.JPG

well, actually it is the staircase that leads to the rooftop but many people here still wash their clothes by hand and hang them out to dry on the rooftop or out of their windows. I do have access to a ghettoish washing machine, I have to fill it myself, let it drain into the bathroom and then refill it to rinse. Still, it beats having to wash the clothes by hand which I did do several times before I found out that the boss' 10 floor flat had a machine. There are no self service laundramats but there are lots of places where they will launder your clothes for you but they are too expensive for me.

Also, take note of the plastic garbage cans in the background, right hand side. We put our household garbage in these every night and by morning the garbage has mysteriously vanished. There are no recycling programs for trash in HK :-(
But I guess there are places that give money for aluminum cans (no deposit for cans or bottles here) as sometimes I find the bags are opened and cans removed if I throw out more garbage before it is removed.
On the streets, there are tons of garbage recepticles as well as for cigarrette butts. HK is a very clean city as far as litter goes.

Posted by Christine at December 16, 2004 06:24 PM