December 01, 2004

Welcome to IKEA Hong Kong


The next few pictures were taken at my field trip to IKEA in Hong Kong, which is actually really close to my job. That is odd because where my job is located is a really poor area but across the street, there is a very nice shopping mall and that is where IKEA is. It's not like most of IKEA's stuff would fit a typical HK housing project apartment and this area, ex pats don't even go to it. So I'm not sure how well their sales are doing. It is new and I went on a weekday after work and it was almost empty.
I was told I couldn't take pictures but I was slick and managed to get some shots anyway ;-) I didn't take many pictures of the stuff because it looked like typical IKEA stuff, nothing HK specific or that you couldn't find in a catalog. It was strange to see the IKEA mock kitchen without a rice cooker, heh.

Posted by Christine at December 1, 2004 07:35 PM