November 20, 2004

Please shoot me

So today on my block there is a street festival, sponsored by the government to promote the appreciation of jade. I briefly checked it out and I just see lots of vendors. There is a stage set up which faces one of my windows and the live performances so far have been people singing Cantonese pop which sounds like Disney songs sung in Chinese and clubby eurotrance, Venga Boys kind of stuff. I've been watching out my window, I hate crowds and there is a guy juggling on the stage now to the Venga Boys. I am kind of tempted to bring down one of my happy hardcore CDs and spin some poi and flags but while I think it would be well recieved I am too tired and lazy.

The brother in law showed me this international food store where I can find lots of comfort foods from back home as well as try out some new European stuff. Still can't find any spicy brown mustard, only British or Frendch style mustard which is not my thing. I did wind up getting this medium hot mustard from Germany which is decent and will have to do. The prices are high which is understandable but at least when I do get homesick, I know where to find these things and may even be able to afford them if I budget right.

Ah this festival is driving me up a wall. I don't want to shut my windows because it's about 22 C and there is a nice breeze. Maybe I'll go out again for awhile, hopefully this thing doesn't run too late.

I've been drinking a lot of Hi-C coconut soy milk which is really yummy, one of my favourite finds here so far. It's pretty nutrious too, with calcium and I need that since I hate drinking cow milk and I'm not the biggest fan of regular soy milk, unless it is fresh. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to find freshly made soy milk here though the ones available in the stores in cardboard cartons are tastier than the ones in the states.

Posted by Christine at November 20, 2004 02:58 PM